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I have made a study of human communication -- interpersonal as well as mass media.  I am intrigued by tremendous changes in human interaction in recent years.  The computer, Internet, smart phones and social media have dramatically changed the way we interact with each other.  Human discourse hasn't changed, but the mediums by which we communicate have..."and that has made all the difference".


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Millennials and Television

Television is still king among Millennials...but perhaps not for long...


I read an interesting report from Adroit Digital on Millennials and brand loyalty. (You can download it here). Millennials are indeed brand loyal and a vital demographic for marketers as they are the largest demographic in US History numbering 80 million.

What I found interesting is that:

70% of Millennials say that television is the medium with the most influence on how they perceive a brand.  Pretty good for television, right?

But 60% of Millennials (and 66% of Millennial Women) said that social media was the most influential medium for them.  It won't be long before social media overtakes television as the most influential medium.

As for other mediums,

Online Display Advertising was the most influential for 42% of Millennials (but 66% for the younger 18-25 year olds!),

Online video was most influential for 39%, and

Mobile for 33% of Millennials

What about other traditional media?  Magazines came in at 31%, Radio 21% and Billboards 21%.  Print wasn't even included in the survey!!  Now that is saying something.

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