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I have made a study of human communication -- interpersonal as well as mass media.  I am intrigued by tremendous changes in human interaction in recent years.  The computer, Internet, smart phones and social media have dramatically changed the way we interact with each other.  Human discourse hasn't changed, but the mediums by which we communicate have..."and that has made all the difference".


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So many ways to reach out

I want to have lunch with a colleague, do I send her a message via LinkedIn? Facebook her? Send her a tweet? IM her? Send her a text? e-mail her? The answer, I guess, has to do with your generation and techno savvy.  I'm of the demographic that prefers to pick up the phone (cell phone) and call!


0 #3 grace317 2009-09-13 12:13
I most certainly do have the lamp, and it is still very pretty, I always get comments on it!
0 #2 grace317 2009-08-23 03:11
A generation or so back, I might have sent a handwritten note!
0 #1 Ryan Pogue 2009-08-22 22:30
p/u the phone!

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