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I have made a study of human communication -- interpersonal as well as mass media.  I am intrigued by tremendous changes in human interaction in recent years.  The computer, Internet, smart phones and social media have dramatically changed the way we interact with each other.  Human discourse hasn't changed, but the mediums by which we communicate have..."and that has made all the difference".


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Put Consumers First

We all know how important a website is for promotion and consumer information.  But what elements are most important in creating this website?  Is it ease of use and navigation or uniqueness of design and cutting edge technology?

In the recent study done by J.D. Power and Associates (2010 Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study (MWES)—Wave 2),  they found that websites focusing on brand image promotion and interesting design hindered vehicle shoppers more than websites focusing on usability.  The Honda website, for example, focuses on usability and performed well in each of the four areas tested:  speed, appearance, navigation and information/content.

Certain design elements on marketing focused sites like Jaguar’s hinder speed, ease of navigation and user access to information and content.  These websites try to make their logo a key element in the design in exchange for the traditional pull down menu style with which consumers are more familiar and comfortable.

The lesson here (and it can be applied to marketing in general) is when designing a website focus on putting the needs of the consumer needs ahead of the design!

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