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I have made a study of human communication -- interpersonal as well as mass media.  I am intrigued by tremendous changes in human interaction in recent years.  The computer, Internet, smart phones and social media have dramatically changed the way we interact with each other.  Human discourse hasn't changed, but the mediums by which we communicate have..."and that has made all the difference".


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1-800-I Don't Know

First of all, let me say I love my Blackberry.  I have found that when you are a small business, it is vital to be able to check and respond to your e-mail from the road, lest people think you fell off the face of the earth.

But, those of you with a QWERTY keyboard, have you noticed that the number pad doesn't have the corresponding letters as does a regular phone? Which makes it very tricky when a business notes their phone number as 1-800-I Fly SWA or 1-800-Get A Mac

Try to find the letter that corresponds to the letters!  You either have to do it from memory (remember that the letters start on the 2 key and the 7 key has four letters), or you have to find a regular phone and look at the keypad!

Marketers remember to always put the actual number along with the catchy phrase!


0 #1 Merrill Clark 2009-12-17 10:41
Great point Grace!

I always recomment to my clients that they make it as easy as possible to contact them.

When people can't find contact info or just can't interpret it, many people will just give up instead - because it's easier.

Happ y Holidays...
Me rrill

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