Saving Grace Media Services works with you to deliver an integrated mix of digital, PPC, social and traditional media solutions for your business.

Our business is to assist your business. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness or to increase sales, Saving Grace Media can help by targeting your advertising effectively and buying your media cost-efficiently. With the utmost professionalism, superior customer service and attention to detail, Saving Grace Media will deliver more media presence for your advertising dollars.


HomePageSaving Grace Media works with you to plan your advertising based on your specific goals and objectives. Some of the ways we can assist your business include:

  • Evaluation of marketing and media research to help define your target market.

  • Analysis of the most effective media for reaching your market, whether it is search engine marketing, digital display, video, social media; or traditional media such as television, radio, print, or outdoor.

  • Development of media plans for reaching your market, within your budget.

  • Negotiation of advertising rates to achieve cost-efficient advertising schedules.

  • Support for your advertising with meaningful promotions and public relations.

  • Audit of all media invoices for accuracy of placement and cost.